Practice Patience

Dear Butch,

I put a lot of effort in picking out the perfect lingerie for your birthday.  I spent weeks trying to find the right corset and panties in a color, style, and material that I knew you would enjoy and (that I would feel comfortable in, because feeling unsettled and unsure in sexy underpinnings is a instant mood killer).  Then, I spent hours prepping for the big evening.  There was a body scrub, tweezing, and several applications of lipstick in various shades  to perfect a “Pinup Red” smile.  I presented myself to you in the doorway of the bedroom as you sat in your big leather armchair reading smut and drinking a dirty martini, looking very dapper.  I had this grand plan to strip and shake for you, causing you to becoming intoxicated with lust.

And then, you had to fuck everything up.

I appreciated your passion as you practically leapt from the chair and pinned me to the bed, ass up.  You tore into my lacings and had my corset on the floor before I had time to catch my breath.  Panties were forced down so fast that I was pretty sure I was going to fall right out of my stilettos.  The sex was hot and rough, with a side of romance.  We both were left in a giant melted mess in the middle of your bed.  And that is when this slight ping of anger came into me.  I had spent so much time and energy primping.  And now, I was smeared and frizzed with a whole twenty minutes between presentation and panting.

The next time I spend that much time in the bathroom with the door closed and sexy pop music blaring, know that I am working my tits off to create your fantasy.  And I would greatly appreciate it if you spent a little time taking it all in before you bend me over and fuck me hard.  Take a moment to breathe in my perfume and toy with the lace covering my perky nipples.  Spin me around slowly and admire my straight fishnet seams.  I do all of this not just for my enjoyment and love of my femme self, but to also provide you plenty of material for late nights alone and in bed.

My smokey eyes and painted toes will thank you, probably with a nice dyke cock sucking.





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