Curvy Rant

Dear Butch,

I will not apologize for eating because eating is not a sin.  Gluttony is a sin, if you are of Christian faith.  But according to Webster’s Dictionary, eating and gluttony have two separate definations.

I eat because I enjoy food.  The whole process of food, from the shopping on a lazy Sunday morning at the local farmer’s market to the setting of the table to serve those I care for.  There is great joy that can come from food and great food that comes from joy.  Food is one of the few connective threads that ties us together despite our differences.  We all need to eat to survive.  We may do it to celebrate or mourn, but we have to do it to continue our great journey of life.

I am fully aware of my size.  I am far from petite or delicate.  I have curves that cover my body like the rolling hills of Vermont.  Despite how many hours I spend kicking the treadmills   ass or starve myself on a diet of edamame, I will be a plus size woman.  And despite your harassment about my diet or how my ass looks in a pair of pants, I refuse to lose weight to please you or society.  I try to keep my body healthy and even though all the magazines will tell you that health and skinniness are equal, they aren’t.

You don’t have to like me or my size.  Hell, you can talk all the shit you want behind my back if it makes you feel better about yourself.  I do ask that to my face you follow the wise words of “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”.  If you made comments about my overall health and not just my about my weight, I would have a pinch more respect for you.  But you constant judging on the size of my waistline or the food I choose to eat is getting a little wearing.  I eat to fuel my body with good energy so I can get through my chaotic days.  But according to you, I should live off of romaine lettuce and raisins in order to shape my body to your beauty standards.

The funny thing is, I have never once made a negative comment about your body or another butches.  I have never suggested that you order different meal at a restaurant because of your recent weight gain.  Or have I told you to stop watching Sunday afternoon football and take a walk instead.  Yet, you and your homies continue to mock and hound the femme population to fit into your supermodel fantasies.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your harsh words show what a jack ass you really are.




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