Miss Chuck

Dear Butch,

Like great art or cars of yester-year, there are classics when it comes to fashion.  Items that stand the test of time and situation, that will (almost) never let you down.  Dark straight legged jeans.  A white fitted button down shirt.  A herringbone grey vest.

And when it comes for footwear, the classic Converse All-Star.  High or low top, per your preference.  The only rule is no knock offs, I will be checking for the label on the tongue and the back of the heel.

This standard in Americana should be a staple in the butch wardrobe.  Hell, in the femme wardrobe as well.  I have nine pairs of All-Stars, all low tops, in a variety of colors and patterns.  The Chuck really does go with everything.  They tell the world that you honor your roots and cool enough to rock the white-souled kick anywhere you please.  Take them on a first date or to a night trolling for a quick fuck.  Wear them to work (if the dress code allows) or to brunch with friends.  With jeans, dress pants, or cargo shorts.  And for those who get married rocking the Chuck, I raise my glass of bubbly to you.

They really are the green eggs and ham of the shoe world.




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