Butch Binders

Dear Butch,

I try to stay away from the political rants this time of year.  I figure there is enough of that negative energy out in the world and I do not need to contribute to it.  However, Romney made an important confession last night that total broke “Dyke Rule”.  He admit to having “binders of women.”

Like Shane from the L Word, I am fully aware that many of my lovely butches keep a little black (or purple leather) book of ladies.  Ladies that are down for a quick fuck, good for a fill in date to a concert, or are down for a night of cuddling.  This book is a well guarded tool in the butch tool box and is rarely talked about.  Well, Romney wouldn’t make a very good butch would he.  Blowing his load with the reveling of his binder of women to the nation last night.  A giant verbal ass fucking was released and he is paying for it today, as he should.

This is just one of the many reasons he will not be getting my vote in three short weeks.  Man can’t keep his swagger in his pocket.



PS…If you are a Romney-loving butch, please excuse me.  I do not blindly hate your log cabin self and I respect your bravery.


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