Halloween Inequality

Dear Butch,

Are you aware of how easy your breed has it when it comes to Halloween costumes?!?  Add a pinstripe tie and a fancy hat to any of your everyday outfits and you are done.  Or buy a generic-shapeless-trendy-big-box-store-costume and you are suddenly the hit of the party.

But as a femme, there is intense pressure to present the perfect polished Halloween costume.  This pressure is all self-induced I am sure, it is in our nature to always provide you with the best of ourselves.  I feel like the effort that is given is not equal to the standards that are held.  You take minutes and become the highlight of the evening where I spend money on appropriate themed accessories, glitter make up, and flamboyant wigs and all I get is “Your tits look great covered in sparkles”.

And before you call me out on my bitching…yes, I do enjoy dressing a part for you in the bedroom.  Playing the role as a naughty school girl or a dominating sex kitten, but that show is just for your eyes.  If the shoes don’t quite fit the time period, that is okay.  Or, in my case, I am perfectly comfortable showing you way more skin then what I would to the public.  Have you visited the ladies section of the costume department lately?  You will find packages with images of woman dressed in traditional, occupational, fantasy, horror, and princess costumes with a giant dollop of whore added in the mix.  I have yet to find a great costume / costume idea that wont have the police questioning my intentions for the evening as I stand on the corner waiting to cross the street.

So, this year I propose that we swap dress for the night.  I get to dress as a butch.  Easy, quick, cheap, painless, and I get to practice my swagger.  And you, may darling, get to battle fishnets and kohl eyeliner.  Are you up for the challenge?




3 thoughts on “Halloween Inequality

  1. Dear Femme,
    I have great repect for your desire to present yourself in a classy manor i have much apreciation for a woman who takes pride in their fashion.Thankyou from a classy butch.
    I too take time to shower get ready however I do not wear a tool belt or baggy jeans or a hat sideways i will not knock those who do but I also take pride in my fashion as well.it will never take me as long to get ready as a typical. classy femme like yourself due to makeup several trips to the mirrior to check to make sure you look good (even though we tell you that you look great.
    maybe you just picked the wrong people great sex maybe but if you cant have a intelligent conversation is it really worth it?well……maybe in emergency situations

    any costume on you. wanted heels and all.(help me walk) makeup,all of it.a good laugh together.

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