Dear Butch,

Yesterday was, to put it lightly, overwhelming.  We (well, we Americans) headed to the polls in overwhelming droves.  Off to elect our president, senators, mayors, and make decisions on amendments new and old.  We exercised our right (or privilege) to shape our country the way we best saw fit.

To those who worked the phone banks, knocked on doors, and otherwise helped their community on this historic day…I give my deepest thanks.  Especially to those in the states of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington who worked tirelessly to make sure that their individual states were answering the call for marriage equality.  And, in Wisconsin, where the first open lesbian was elected to Senate.

To you, my wonderful politically passionate butch, I dedicate to you my love and devotion.  To the butch who doesn’t just react, but instead grabs her beliefs by the horns (no matter which color they fall under) and is proactive on the local or national political scene.

Nothing is sexier then a butch who uses her voice to make a positive change for all, even when her voice shakes.



One thought on “Grateful…Elections

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