Dear Butch,

As I have mentioned before, I am an ass girl (regarding the Tits vs. Ass debate).  100% ass girl.  I have a fairly voluptuous figure, like curves head to toe.  My breasts are well, serve as a great free drink ticket.  And the competition of boob space during sex just gets to be too much, like body part sword fighting.  Go ahead and laugh, but you know exactly what I mean.

With my love of ass comes my appreciation for butches who do not overly sag their pants.  I like a loose fit on a butch where the fabric is not hugging their derrière but it isn’t creating a full baby diaper effect either.  A causal sag with the definition of the hip outline is what I prefer.  The “Swagger Sag” is what I would call it if I worked in the fashion industry.  Tight pants work on some of your breed, but not all.  Just like skinny jeans on femmes, some have what it takes and some don’t.  And I don’t mind a tighter pant on a butch, as long as they aren’t so tight that the pockets don’t sit well an end up puckering open.  Not a good look.  Then the super saggy look, well that went out of style back in the 90’s along with faded buzz cuts and the boy band Kris Kros.  Plus, it is just not an attractive look.  I love the peek of a boxer from the top of a pant, but your whole ass sticking out is uncalled for.

So sag away, but only slightly.  At least give me something to drool over from across the bar.




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