Dear Butch.

I love to eat.  Despite my somewhat serious food issues that flair up and my somewhat limiting diet based off of reasons I won’t list here.  I really do adore a good home cooked meal shared with friends, family, or romantic/sexual lady partners.  It feels fabulous to take off my heels from a long day of work and enjoy a moment of spices, textures, and temperatures.  A cold Vietnamese noodle salad on a hot day in July or a steamy Indian curry on a cold day in December.  These wonderful feelings of happiness and comfort come over me just thinking about it.

I appreciate those of the butch breed who can cook at any level of greatness.  From simple to gourmet.  I don’t need fancy or every item to be made from scratch.  But a good faith effort to produce a meal that is balanced, nutritious, and flavorful.  Even if it turns out a little burnt or slightly funny colored.  I am an excellent adventure eater and will be happy to put anything you have handled between my sweet pink lips.

Plus, if you cook I will do the dishes…possibly while only wearing an apron and heels.




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