Help Needed

Dear Butch,

So my last post was a call for help with submissions for my upcoming post about what us painted and high-heeled ladies could purchase for you for the upcoming holiday season.  So far the ideas have been, to put it nicely, slim.

So here I am.  A femme on her knees.  Pink glossed lips pouting.  Silk blush colored robe slightly open.  Begging you to submit ideas, pleading for you to promote a small business or Etsy store (for free).  Or lead me to a store that you adore or a general idea without a particular brand or store in mind.  For the good of all love and/or lust butch-femme relationships,email me at or @LoveCommaFemme on Twitter.  Gift Guide for Butches post is coming this Sunday, Gift Guide for Femmes post comes next Wednesday.

Now, while I am down here, I am pretty sure I can think of something else I can do with my lips.




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