Butch Guide

Dear Butch,

Let me first apologize for my lack of blog on Sunday.  If you are a regular here at “Dear Butch, Love Femme” you know that I post religiously on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  This past Sunday evening I was traveling for work and my flight was detoured do to a large snowstorm in the upper midwest.  I was in a very small airport with no internet connection and bad coffee.  I did make it to my destination in a timely manner and was impressed with the customer service along the way from the airline.  Tomorrow evening I head home and I am quiet looking forward to it.  I have been attending a conference related to my field of work and have done a ton of networking, but I miss my pets and sex with my butch.  In that order.

All right, let us move on from the personal catch up and on to the long awaited Gift Guides.  First off, I want to thank all of those who submitted ideas via email and Twitter!  You are all wonderful and beautiful souls!  Second, I want it to be very clear that Iwas not in anyway paid or gifted by the companies I have listed below.  All of the suggested stores were suggested by my wonderful readers.  Third and final, I know I said I was going to combine the Butch and Femme Gift Guides in one post but I have changed my mind.  Both lists are heavy with suggestions and I don’t want to dump to much on you to quickly with the stress of the holiday season already lurking.  The Femme Gift Guide will be posted on Sunday, you can spank me for putting off if you would like.  And without any further ado…

Butch Gift Gude:

  • Clothing.  I speak a lot about clothing in my posts, like a “What Not to Wear” for the butch population.  It can be hard to find masculine clothing for the female form.  Even I, the self-proclaimed “Shopping War Horse” struggles on this journey as I help my butches shop.  This is where I really wanted to future small businesses, because they are filing a niche market that needs as much undying love and great fit as possible.  Here are the stores that were sent in by you:  Lucky Dog Leather (for cuffs and wristbands), Saint Harridan (have not opened yet, but will be in the Spring of 2013), Uneetee (whimsical t-shirts), and Butch Clothing Co (great underwear).
  • Homemade.  It is time to break out your best Pintrest ideas and get inspired.  Knit a great scarf, pair of mittens, or a harness.  Bake a batch of granola for her to snack on while at work.  Piece together a scrapbook of he gorgeous photos she has taken but never displays.
  • Acessories.  The great thing about (most) accessories is that you don’t need to know a size.  And, you have a chance to add color and print into a wardrobe without throwing your butch completely out of her comfort zone.  Ties, belts, wallets, pocket squares, and watches are all fun options and also all come in a variety of price categories.  You can be as professional or creative as possible when it comes to style.  Suggested retailers were Express, Banana Republic, Target, Macy’s, and Old Navy.
  • Toiletries.  I know, it sounds odd, but I wasn’t sure how else to compartmentalize it.  Cologne, custom soaps, nail care kits, great hair product, etc.  I love The body Shop for body product, the items are made from ingredients that don’t irritate skin and aren’t overpowering in scent.  Also, check out my favorite online store, Etsy!  Just search for the type of product and the scent or ingredients you are looking for and you are bound to have several products to pick from.  A great suggested idea was checking out local vendors at craft sales and Farmer’s Markets for body products.
  • Tools.  I love a butch with a full tool box, so fucking sexy!  Many, not all, butches are very handy and may be lacking in the proper equipment or skills to get the job done.  Lend her a hand and fill in the gaps with hammers, screwdrivers, or drills!  A wonderful suggestion was a good pocket knife and I couldn’t agree more!  I have a wonderful knife that was passed on to me from my grandfather, I use it almost weekly.  Or for your technology loving butches, Think Geek is a great place to find helpful tools with wacky designs.
  • Sports Gear.  So your butch loves to bowl, but is still renting her bowling shoes?  Ding, ding, ding, I think we have a gift idea!  Sports equipment is great because it can be a luxury that someone may not always purchase for themselves.  Sure, your sporty butch love to golf but wouldn’t dream of spending the money to upgrade their putter.  Perfect opportunity to win over her heart and score yourself a little alone time on a Sunday morning!
  • Expereinces.  Some of the greatest gifts fit in an envelope instead of a box.  For example, your beloved butch just bought her first classic car why not buy her a membership to the local are club?  Or she is really into woodcarving, buy her a class on chisels with your local community education.  You could also purchase tickets for a sporting event or concert.  Maybe a weekend away for some kinky play!  The sky is the limit.
  • Sex.  One of my favorite ideas for a present on a small budget was the coupon books for sexual favors along with the femme getting herself a Brazilian wax, very sexy idea!  Purchase that new dildo from Vixen Creations that your cocky butch has been eyeing.   Or spice up your sex life a bit with a starter’s bondage kit from Good Vibrations or Babeland.  Find her kinky and fulfill her fantasies.
  • Donation.  Yes, giving away money and not getting a physical item back in return can be a wonderful gift.  It is the perfect gift for those who already have it all.  Donate to your local GLBT youth organization in her name.  Or sponsor her favorite animal at the zoo and then take her to visit it.  There are so many deserving causes that could use funds, pick your favorite and donate today!  Suggestions to help get you thing are the World Wildlife Foundation, the Surf Rider’s Association, and Planned Parenthood.


Hope this helps as you conquer your shopping lists!  See you on Sunday for the Femme Gift Guide!




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