Magic Check

Dear Butch,

I am a giving lady.  I bake treats for my staff.  I donate blood despite the wooziness.  I have cans of soup in my car for the homeless asking for money on the ramps.  I love providing orgasmic pleasure.  I volunteer year round.

But the giving I most like to do involves my checkbook.  Not only do I still carry a bit of nolstalgic when it comes to checks (I used to think they were a magical type of money), but also it doesn’t take much time or effort.  It may be tough to part with the money but now one is asking for at three digit donation.  A small donation of $5 or $10 can do a world of difference.  Create a bit of your own magic this season.  Write a check, hand over your card, or dig out the cash.  Donate to your favorite charity or cause.  Buy whatever the kid is selling at the door.  Sponsor a tree or a giraffe.  Donate to a Kickstarter (try Saint Harridan) project.  Make a contribution to your place of worship.

Give back and in return enjoy the tax write-off.  Feel free to post your favorite places to contribute in the comments.




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