Pigtail Probe

Dear Butch,

Today was a normal Sunday for me.  Woke up and went to the gym while most attended church.  I enjoyed brunch with a few hungover friends.  I ran my typical errands to the grocery store, pet store, and florist shop.  I went to the movies with my nephew.  Had dinner on my own and a good book at a small diner.  And, I have just returned from the bar where I danced with my favorite dykes and drag queens.

Nothing out of the ordinary.  But, all day I have received compliments on the same singular physical trait.  My braided pigtails.

At some point between post-gym shower and running late for brunch I decided that I would separate, braid, and bind my long straw colored hair.  A look I don’t usually wear outside of the house because, to be frank, I didn’t think it suited me.  I look a little like Heidi or the Swiss Miss girl.  But today, as the harshly cold wind blew through my fair town, I didn’t see the point of putting effort into coaxing my strands into a fancy up-do or a bouncy loose mane.  So braids it was, two because I didn’t have a mirror to examine the back of my head.

The compliments started immediately and haven’t stopped.  And they have come from men who are old enough to be my father and surprisingly fellow lesbians.  And not just the run of the mill niceties, but the sexually laden comments.

So, my question of the evening to my few but loyal readers, what is so fucking sexy about braided pigtails?




5 thoughts on “Pigtail Probe

  1. I don’t get it either. Maybe because its a look so rarely seen on adult women. Whatever it is, it triggers the sexy hormone in others, but leaves me feeling foolish all day!!

  2. They’re no nonsense. An adult woman wearing them is getting sh*t done. They remind me of Jennifer Lawrence in Huger Games. And they are great for pulling on, should the opportunity arise… So take your pic of what’s sexy about them.

  3. I think it’s because it brings up fantasies of innocence, youth, playfulness. It is sweet, fun, and less serious than most usual hair-dos. I love it on other women and on myself.

  4. I do not find pigtails attractive at all, I don’t find anything prepubescent attractive, and that’s what pigtails remind me of. I like mature, strong, independent and smart women, not little girls. Side note; I’ve only known straight women to wear them and they seem to love the attention they receive from men . . .

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