Batman’s Letter

Dear Butch,

I want to apologize.  I want to say that I am sorry that I hurt you, I hurt your heart, I hurt your ego.  I feel so bad for how things ended.

I was a jerk.

What you and I had was never, in mind, supposed to be more then a passing fling.  A lustful void we both needed filled.  I was out of a bad relationship and you were becoming more comfortable in your new body.  I thought that a few fucks was all you wanted, it was all I wanted.  But, I was wrong.  You were looking for more from me, more then what I was ready to give to you or anyone else.  It really wasn’t you, it was me.  It is me.  I was the one who wasn’t ready for a commitment with anyone.  But you were so sweet that I stepped off a cliff and hoped for the best.

And in all of this self-blame, I still hold a bit of frustration towards you.  You said you wanted to court me, treat me like a lady, and knock my pretty pink heels off.  In the end, I felt so guilty for wanting you to live up to your full potential and pushing you to keep your promises that all I could do, all I can still do, is blame myself.  You weren’t ready to leave the Bat Cave, but you spoke as if you already had.  I pushed, you panicked, and we slid on the ice together.

You were almost everything I wanted in a partner.  But, you lacked courage like the Cowardly Lion and I lacked a heart like the Tin Man.  In the end, I am sorry that I wanted you to speed ahead in your evolution but was never ready to give you the prize for doing so.

Someday, I hope you find your lady.  And, I hope she makes your soul sing.



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