Claddagh’s Letter

Dear Butch,

Our relationship was like a tractor tug of war, with you in the drivers seat of each tractor and I tied in the middle of the rope hoping not to be torn apart.  It was so good when it was good, when I was there.  And when we were apart, your heart broke.  Despite my best efforts to make up for the miles, the distance and time apart was too much for you.

I never thought we would be together forever.  I never dreamed about a wedding or made lists of baby names.  Your unsure feelings about me and who we were together prevented ideas from sprouting in my mind.  You pushed me to be stronger and I pushed you to explore outside of your comfort zone.

We both were each others firsts in very different ways, in giant important ways.  You stole my heart so many times I finally copied it so it could always be with you, a tie of silver between us.  And as quickly as it started, it ended.  You wanted something I couldn’t give you and the stress was just too much.

You have now moved on in the most beautiful and wonderfully ridiculous way.  Your life has blossomed and flourished with success, love, and happiness.  And even though we no longer talk, I have always and will continue to be proud of you.

You are amazing, but you already know that.




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