Athena’s Letter

Dear Butch,

We were young, queer, and trying to live up to the level of  perfection that we had been assigned.  A whispered conversation during a late night research project turned into a secret romance and the breaking of our lesbian cherries.  It was all so sweet, like an after school special written by an optimist.

I don’t regret the short and somewhat confusing time we had together.  It filled a void that we were both trying to escape facing head on.  You were trying to understand how your new found dreams were going to become reality and I was attempting to find hope in the darkest period of my life.  We held on tight and thought we would conquer the world together.  I thought we would be the sweethearts that survived.

Instead your dreams came to a literally halting crash and my darkest period reached a new depth of hell.  You found God and I found Satan.  We were ripped apart and only recently reconnected in while trying to find peace with the two elements that ripped us apart.

You should know, to this day, I still dream of growing old with you.  I still wonder what could have been if we had more time.  I still love you, all twenty-five feet.



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