Maple’s Letter

Dear Butch,

You are my butch root.  Congratulations.

As a young lesbian, I knew that I wasn’t like the stereotypical queer ladies in the magazines and television shows in the early 2000’s.  At that time, the femme community lacked strong role models and I was convinced by my lesbian inner circle that femme lesbians were frowned down upon.   I was attracted to the woman with short hair, tweed vests, and motorcycle boots.  But, I didn’t want to be them.  I was so desperate for acceptance that I traded in my polka dot dresses and wedge heels for plaid shirts and flip flops.  I denied my love of lipstick and nail polish after being teased and taunted.  I become the cookie cutter dyke.

And then,  meet you.

You saw past my facade and removed my fears of being a femme.  A femme who wanted to be with a butch.    You were my tour guide into the world of dapper woman and painted ladies.  I finally found my place and home, I finally found myself.  I felt free to express my inner role without fear or shame and you were there at my side offering your tattooed arm.

Our fling was short lived, but it was one of the most influential.  Thank you for lifting the curtain and showing me the wonderful world of Oz, of my dreams.





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