Gorilla’s Letter

Dear Butch,

You are Track 5.  Everything about you, us, who I was with you…Track 5.

The album that Track 5 is on is what inspired this month’s theme.  All of my ex’s, in one blog, in one album.  And so with a single sound track I cranked out post after post, purging all the wonderful and wretched that was left inside of me.  But, as I travel through the land of lost loves and lusts, I would trip over Track 5.  I would be in my writing groove, plugging along at a productive pace, and then the cords would start and I would stop.  Mid-sentence.  Mid-word.  It always came back to you.  It will always come back to you.

I always knew you would be my last letter, my final statement.  I essentially wrote this post over a month, 3 minutes and 49 seconds at a time.  I had all the power at my fingertips to remove Track 5 from my playlist, but I didn’t.  Track 5 was the reality I needed to face.  And so I let it play, I let it marinate under my skin.

And what did I come up with in the end?  What stroke of amazement did I craft to leave behind us as girlfriends but place in front of us as friends?

Listen to Track 5, it is all there.




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