Seeking Answers

Dear Butch,

You told me last week that if I believed in something hard enough, if I envisioned it, if I imagined it becoming a reality it would come true.  I just had to keep trying.  As a good friend, I appreciate your advice.  Your positive encouragement with a side of safety net built in.  Like, if my wishes didn’t come true  ad I cam back to you and asked why you could tell me I didn’t try hard enough.

Well, I have been trying.  For years I have been wishing and hoping and praying.  I have crafted a Vision Board.  I have written positive affirmations.  I have mediated and prayed.  I have sought advice from therapists and psychics.  I have put good out into the world and have been kind to my fellow human, animal, and plant beings.

And here I sit in my small apartment unmarried and childless.

So, how long to I keep wishing and hoping and praying?  Is there, should there be, an expiration date on trying?




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