No Apologies

Dear Butch,

I find no shame in talking about sex, as you know.  I am very open about about my sexual adventures and at times, mishaps.  I was raised in an open home where to questions was unwelcome or resulted in humiliation.  I have been told by my doctor that I have a very healthy and well adjusted attitude about sex.  I am a student, teacher, and fan of the sport between the sheets.

I am here to NOT apologize for my love of sex.

I know that some find my openness about this part of my life disgusting and/or disturbing, I have read your emails.  I am aware that I am brash at times with my descriptions and details.  Some may find that I over-share for shock value.  And to you all I say; I understand and respect your feelings, opinions, and thoughts.  I agree that I am open, I disagree that I am seeking attention.

However, I am not going to stop.

I am a sexually liberated queer submissive femme lady.  I have a voice and I will not be silenced.  My corner of the community is not well represented and often listens instead of speaks.  I am here to speak.  I am here to be a mouthpiece to educate, provide humor, and give comfort to those who wonder “Am I the only one who likes…?”  I want others of all orientations, genders, experiences, roles, and adventures to find the courage and boldness within themselves to share and question in a safe space.

I welcome your criticism and comments.  They have made me a better blogger.  And may I remind you that it is your choice to read beyond the first few lines each Sunday and Wednesday.  I welcome you to stay, but I understand if you have to leave.

I love you all, regardless.  Happy fucking.




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