Clearing Up

Dear Butch,

The first day of spring.  A chance for rebirth, renewal, and rejoicing.  Instead, most of the country (including my small corner), is bundling up to protect from the cold and the snow instead of tip toeing through the tulips.  Fucking fine first fucking day of fucking spring.

But, this might be a good time for a little reminder.  Please note, the “words starting with re-” theme.  Yeap, just patted myself on the back.

I am an alter ego of a very normal woman.  I am her inner superhero of all things fabulous, sexual, and dramatic.  What is written her is sometimes very true and sometimes half truth with the other half created to protect the guilty…and at times innocent.  Many posts are written weeks in advanced and not posted until later, when the time feels right.  I have never claimed to be a writing a journal of the life of the lady I live in; but instead a collection of her stories, adventures, and mishaps.  The body I inhabit could be anywhere at anytime.  She could be the woman behind you in the grocery store or the femme you have been checking out at yoga.  And twice a week she sits down and unleashes me, along with her pent up emotions and scandalous stories.  I am grateful that she hosts me, loves me, and accepts me.  In return, I have helped the lady build her confidence and feed her love for writing.

I am the spirit of many, but the voice of one.




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