Emotional Cheating

Dear Butch,

When your marriage gets tough why do you text your ex-girlfriend/fling?

When shit hits the fan, you have set up bedding in the doghouse, and roses aren’t even starting to mend the wounds why do you walk away from your commitment to find comfort and kindness in the past?

Do you not have friends or family you can rely on for solace and answers?

I am not blaming you entirely.  You continue this behavior because in your quest you always find the princess in the castle tower.  The woman you left for another.  We know that you aren’t back to seek wisdom, but to lay in our lap and stare up at our breasts as we play with you hair and make promises that all will be right in the world again.  We tell you to give your lady time to cool off, but are we really just trying to hold on a little longer to the moment?  The return of you, our shining knight who once loved us.  You have a chance to lick your wounds and in return have a chance to be your lady and possibly attempt to woo you back into our arms for good.

We are committing emotional cheating, we both know it.  The affair is not physical because we will not allow you to betray your vows for a few thrilling orgasms, that is not guilt we could live with.  Instead we drop everything to soothe you back to a happy and health butch who will love us once again.  The whole dance is complete shit, uneven and unfair shit.


I am here to tell you that this princess is putting her castle tower on the market and moving on.  Please never call me again.




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