Femme Flagging

Dear Butch,

I am a huge fan of the “Hanky Code”.  Each time I see someone with a bandana in their back pocket I pull up my helpful guide I keep on my phone and figure out what they are putting out to the world.  And before I receive scoldings, I am very aware that not everyone with a bandana in their pocket is attempting to attract a certain type of sexual act.  For example, a very beloved musical artist and his famous album cover with a red bandana.  I know that he is not flagging as a fist fuckee.

Almost a year ago a good friend (who knows of my love of the “Hanky Code”) introduced me to the concept of “Femme Flagging”.  I had been looking for a feminine way to wave my freak flag and had failed several times.  She had the blog post (credit to the author who I cannot recall) printed out and I poured over it.  This was it, this is was my answer.  In “Femme Flagging”, the lady paints her ring finger to indicate her “Hanky”.  Left for dominate and right for submissive, just like the “Hanky Code”.  There is some rough translating that has to occur since the “Hanky Code” color chart is based off of sexual actions of men.  For example, cock sucking is light blue.  I translate this into dyke cock sucking.  And then there are universal actions like tit torture, dark pink.  Maybe I should just create a lesbian “Hanky Code” chart.

Now I will caution you, it is very in vogue right now to wear different colors on one’s nails.  Just check out any fashion magazine or beauty blog and you will find an array of multi-colored nails.  I find this incredibly frustrating, it is throwing off my game plan to alter the lesbian universe.  Is the lady trying to sport her sexual preferences or is she following trend?  Did I convert a fellow femme or is it just another lemming to fashion?  My recommendation for those attempting to navigate through the polished digits, try to pick up vibes or just ask.

I will continue to paint my right ring finger a variety of colors ranging from grey, hunter green, and fuchsia awaiting for the movement to grow.  Keep your eyes peeled and your color guide handy.



6 thoughts on “Femme Flagging

  1. I love this!!!! a colour chart would be great, spread the word!!!!
    So, right ring finger for femme dom, left ring finger for femme sub, right??

  2. I love you femme. If only you liked femmes, I would come find you and try to win you over. You always keep me coming back for more, even though I am not one to participate in the butch/femme dynamic.

  3. Femmetastic Feminist asked if right=dominant and left=submissive, and you stated that was correct. But in traditional hanky code, left is dominant and right is submissive.

    • Dear MissM,

      Ooops, you are correct! Right is submissive and left is dominate. Post is corrected, thank you so much for commenting.


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