Panty Protest

Dear Butch,

I know that you love my expansive collection of fancy undergarments, you aren’t going to get me to wear them daily.  Deal with it.  Despite your begging, pleas, and bargaining you aren’t going to get your way.  So I need you to put on your big girl pants and deal with it.

Yes, I do love dressing up in corsets and garter belts for you.  And lace with ribbon detail does make me swoon.  However, sometimes I just feel like slipping into comfy cotton hipsters and a sports bra.  I do want to please you, but I also need to please myself.

I love it when you were a great pair of boxer briefs and sporting a hard pack, but I also understand that my fantasy is not an everyday comfort.  I want the dream dyke, don’t we all, but being comfortable in your foundation pieces is more important (most of the time) then putting on a good show.




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