Reality Reminder

Dear Butch,

I may have big dreams of a delicate outdoor wedding and a Cape Cod style style home with a large yard.  I have shared my visions of owning a cabin in the woods, several non-motorized recreational modes of transportation, and sending our future children to the best schools.  I have an expensive (but high quality) taste.  I am aware that I have an issue with adoring the tangible and touchable, we all have our weaknesses.  I am not a gold digger, I just have a love for beauty and entertaining.

But, if I would to play “Would you Rather” between having all my materialistic dreams come true with a decent partner or having a scaled back daily life with a partner that I deeply loved and they felt the same in return about me, I would choose the second.

A girl can have dreams that fills her head, but love will overflow her soul.  So fill her with all the good in life that isn’t attached to a price tag and she will be yours forever.




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