Seasonal Reminder

Dear Butch,

A lot has changed during the winter.  This may or may not include your body shape and size.  And, before you huff away hear me out.  My body morphs over winter.  I become carbohydrates number one fan.  I trade gym time for cat naps and bad romantic comedies.  I lose not only my amazing tan lines but also the tone in my calves.  The body I have in May is not in the same shape I had in August.

So, as summer approaches, the warm weather clothing is being pulled out of attics and storage units.  Heavy sweaters are being replaced with tank tops and jeans with madras shorts.  Keep in mind that you need to dress for the body you have now.  Right now.  At this very moment.  And not the body you had late last summer. Weight fluctuates.  Like fair weather bikers taking over the trails and porn stars bleaching their assholes, it is a troubling fact of life that we would rather avoid. As the season changes for does your waistline.  Don’t be the butch with the shorts that are way to tight or the in the button down that is popping open.  You won’t feel comfortable or confident.  And yes, I am very aware that it sucks major dyke cock to have to go up a size, but no one can see the size printed on the tag.  But, we can see when you are pulling at your tank top to cover the winter gut and shifting in your chair to give your thighs more room in your skin tight cargo shorts.  I would rather my butch feel good in a larger size then feel self-conscious in a smaller size.

Embrace the few extra inches until they melt away and then celebrate your summer body returning with a dish of ice cream.




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