Fancy Pants

Dear Butch,

I know that there is a stigma, expectation, stereotype that your breed hear a certain style of underclothing.  Boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, sports bras, binders, fitted tank tops. Fairly blah colors with no decor.  Simple patterns like stripes or plaid, polka dots if you are feeling fancy.

However, this may not be what works best for you.  Either in comfort or in personal taste.  And I want you to know, very sincerely, that (in my opinion) if you prefer to wear a push up bra and a lacy thong, then do it.  Dress for you, not to the fit an exception.  And undergarments are one thing you should never compromise on.  The foundation pieces of our wardrobes set the tone for the day or evening.  A bad bra can cause extreme crankiness and a sifting panties can lead to massive rage.

Buy what works.  Buy what fits.  And remember that  no matter what you wear, I am sure it will look great on my bedroom floor.




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