Bling Block

Dear Butch,

With marriage being a trending topic on social media recently thanks to the passage of many national and international same-sex marriage amendments, weddings have been on my mind.  I am not myself ready to tie the knot, jump the broom, and/or seal the deal.  But, someday I hope to.

Until then, I do want to make one request.  Unless you are married or avoiding receiving awkward pick up lines at the bar, please do not wear a wedding-ish ring on your left hand on the finger between the pinky and middle.  We ladies do check out this small piece of real estate before approaching.  If there is a metal circle that even remotely looks like a wedding ring, we back off…well…most of us do.

I am all for butches wearing jewelry, insert a picture of me with pom poms cheering you on as you add a necklace or ring to your outfit.  But, give careful thought to the placement and style of rings.  If you have a fancier ring, wear it on your left middle finger or on your right hand.  I want to see the dapper side of you, I just don’t want it to damper your game.

Never let a hunk of metal be your cock block.



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