Short Revolt

Dear Butch.

Please sit, I have some shocking news to share with you.  Are you sitting?  With your beer on the side table?  Good.

There are other types of shorts in the world (or should I say store) besides madras cargo shorts that are of Bermuda length.  Shock and mother fucking awe.

They revolution started last summer when I when I attend three Pride weekends in three different states.  At each, I noticed the overwhelming seas of thus lightweight plaid short with giant thigh pockets.  I was lost in pattern and color looking for a visual relief while checking out fine butch ass.  I love plaid more then the average femme, but this cookie cutter look has to stop.

I know they are part of the classic lesbian uniform during the months of May through September and just making this statement may result in having my dyke card revoked (proud member since 1998).  However, I am pushing for a fashion overhaul and demanding for a switch up.  So here is my challenge to you, my beloved butch.  Try out a different style, color, pattern, cut, or length of short this summer.  I am not saying rid your closet of the great madras, I am just begging (and I know you love it when I beg) to fucking switch it up a bit.

Join the revolution, give my eyes a little love when I am taking in the eye candy.




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