Hello Color

Dear Butch,

I have gotten stuck in a rut of colors in my wardrobe.  The same three colors are repeated in 95.3% of my closet, dresser, and coat rack.  I know that we, as people, become attached and find comfort in the familiar.  The same route to work.  The same dinner on Thursday nights.  The same body wash.

It is time to break free from the shackles of the norm.  It is time to introduce new colors into your threads.  Mint green, tangerine, and lilac are screaming for your attention.  I love the basic neutrals as much as you do.  But do yourself a favor, and wear a little bit of the rainbow everyday.  They help a look move between seasons without having to do a complete wardrobe overhaul.  And, they draw attention and interest to an individual.  

So, add a piece of color pop to each outfit.  Accessories are great for this.  They are affordable and incredibly versatile, plus are low on the commitment level.  Pocket squares, bow ties, socks…the possibilities are endless.  And when in doubt of what colors play together well, may I suggest asking one of two people.  1. A femme.  2. A gay man.  We shall never lead you astray.  We will push you to a new level of fabulous but never to ridiculous, we reserve that advice for drag queens.

Push through the rut and show me a little color.




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