Walking Billboard

Dear Butch,

As you have probably figued out by now, I am not one to hold back.  My advice is both sassy and smart with a heavy dollp of sarcastic. Howver, there is a time and a place for everything including dirty humor.

When I look eyes with you at the bar patio or across a crowded party, I want to notice you and not be distracted by the raunchy message on your t-shirt.  I am all for scandalous entertainment, but do you really want the first impression you make to be one of a cheap one-liner?  Are you attracting the kind of lady you desire with an article of clothing that steams from tacky humor?  Do you really want to project yourself out in the world in a possibly offensive manner?

Deep down, we all care how we are perceived by others, even if we tote lines about freedom of self-expression and dressing for ourselves and not others.  So, take a moment to see what message you are putting out to representative yourself on surface level.  Would you approach yourself, either for a casual chat or a quickie in the bathroom?  What are you trying to say about who you are as a person to those around you?

Sell yourself for or all you are worth, and not a cent less.




2 thoughts on “Walking Billboard

  1. Same goes for Femmes wearing last season’s tight shirt, the buttons about to pop open due to some winter weight gain that’s trying to be ignored….or the boobs spilling out of the top, so much cleavage you could plant a flag there! That’s not a very good image to give off either! just saying…

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