Super Blazer

Dear Butch,

A good blazer is a powerful and versatile tool in your closet.  And an under used tool at that.  Think of a blazer like a multi-function pocket knife.  It is there for you in time of personal and professional need.  However, this amazing piece of clothing is often feared, due to the lack of well made and well fitted blazers for woman.  Often, a women’s cut blazer has a ribbon or lace detail or odd chest pockets.  No more running from the suit section of the store, let me provided you with a few helpful hints:

1 .Do a little research, there are companies that make blazers (and suits) for woman who want to look dapper.  My favorite, Saint Harridan.  (This is not a paid endorsement, I really do love Mary Going and her company.)

2. Make sure it is well fitted.  If needed, buy it slightly large and have it altered to your curves or lack of.  Never buy smaller, especially if you are well-endowed.  Make sure the sleeves are at a comfortable length and that the blazer can be buttoned, even if you SWEAR you are never going to wear it buttoned.

3. Know your fabric weights.  This is incredibly important for those of us who live in climates with noticeable and extreme seasonal changes.  Linen and cotton during the heat, heavy wool and tweed for the cold.

4. Buy a neutral color for starters.  Look at your wardrobe and decide on grey, black, navy, brown, or tan based off of clothes you already have.  Add color as your comfort level increases and as your budget allows.


5. Dress it down with a vintage t-shirt and fitted jeans for a comfortable brunch outfit or dress it up with a button-down and suit pants for a romantic evening on the town.  Blazers look great with (non-ribbed) tank tops as well, providing a bit of femininity to a masculine item of clothing.

6. Add fresh flower or feather boutonnieres, pocket squares, or political buttons as you see fit.

7. Always offer a chilly lady your jacket.

Now, grab your favorite femme or lesbro and start shopping.  It won’t be as bad as you think, I promise.




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