Pride Challenge 2.0

Dear Butch,

There is much celebrating to do this year during Pride month.  There are now twelve states that recognize same sex marriage, with many more on the way.  Large companies are speaking publicly about their support of the GLBT community.  DOMA is being fought in the nation’s highest courts.  The President mentioned us in his Inauguaral Address. Professional male athletes are finally coming out of the closet during their career.

Pride celebrations and parades may be an activity of the past for you.  Or maybe you aren’t into rainbows, glitter, bad tribal tattoos, short boy shorts, and all the other glamorous elements of the GLBT population.  Or it could be possible that you are just not yet comfortable being out in public yet as a queer woman, having come from a small town or a strongly religious family.  Or a bad break up has made you dread running into your ex and her new lady in public, fearing your inability to keep total control of your emotions.

So, I am going to present a challenge to you, the one not wanting or dreading Pride thus year.  Don’t go, but don’t forget to celebrate…in your own way.  Volunteer time or donate money to a local GLBT non-profit.  Host a pre-pride cocktail party or post-Pride brunch.  Bake rainbow cupcakes for a supportive neighbor or family member.  Rent a documentary on GLBT history and watch it with friends.  Leave rainbow ribbons in your local library or coffee shop with a note attached saying “Have a Gay Day!”.  Write a letter to you elected politicians thanking them for their work for the GLBT community.  Stick post-its on windshields on cars or front doors of homes that display a GLBT symbol (decal, flag, lawn sign) thanking the individual for their bravery.  And so on…

Go out and celebrate, your way.



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