Making Out

Dear Butch,

We all have busy lives, rushing from one commitment to another.  We consume quick meals and drink coffee that we bought through a drive thru window.  We over commit and over schedule.  In a world of go-go-go, the art of making out has been lost.

When was the last time you spent 15, 30, 60 minutes just making out?  Kissing, groping, and talking sweetly or dirty (which ever you prefer) without immediately removing items of clothing and going right to home base?  Why rush to sex when you can linger and build tension?  Why race to an orgasm and bypass all the goosebumps, moans, and shivers?

Make time to make out this week.  Turn off the television and kiss, letting the sensations build.  Take a lunch break together and make out in the back of your car, returning to work frustrated and longing for the end of the day.  Or press against each other on the dance floor, surround by strangers, and touch every part of each other without actually fucking.  Show your lady that you have time for her and her needs, that no notification on your phone or shiny object can distract you from her beauty.

Slow down and enjoy being left on the edge.




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