Keeping Faith

Dear Butch,

The topic of faith, or the lack of, has come up multiple times in multiple venues with multiple people in my life this month.  It is starting to feel like a giant sign from above, or below, depending on what you believe.  There has been debates, scoldings, and confessions related to the subject.  Emotions have run rampant.

So, I thought it might be a good time to bring up your faith, or lack of.  Your religious or spiritual views, no matter how grand or petite, are yours and I respect them.  I may not agree with your moral standings or ethical opinions that have been formed by your individual faith, but I do know that they are yours alone and I am not going to judge you for them.

You have to live with what feels right for you, my darling, even if it isn’t accepted by those around you or your religious upbrining.  Only you know what comforts you in times of great sorrow, gives you answers in time of uncertainty, and provides you hope.  Whether you believe in science, an organized religion, or a spiritual journey…live your faith, or lack of, at the volume that suits you and never apologize for it.

Just know that what ever your faith is, I will always have faith in you.




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