Sex-Check List

Dear Butch,

Summer officially starts in a few days with the grand celebration of the Summer Solstice.  According to a recent study I read, the longest day of the year (June 21st for those wondering) is a day to fuck your brains out…or find your soul mate…it is up to interpretation.

I like check lists, I like sex, and I love a challenge.  So as a result and new found inspiration from this study, I have created a “Sex To Do” list for you this summer.  Take it as it is or add your own twist.  Choose to share it with your partner and hang it on the fridge or keep it hush and surprise your lady with new adventures.

Get ready to check off…

1.  During a camping trip or day hike, the more rugged the conditions the better.

2.  Against your vehicle parked on a dirt road.

3.  In the spare bedroom of a friend’s home or cabin.

4.  At an amusement park, mid-ride.

5.  In the middle of a large crowd at a musical festival or sporting event.

6.  In a body of water, any body of water, at sunset.

7. On a blanket in a field under a gorgeous starry sky.

8.  Right after doing yard work.  No yard?  Offer to mow your neighbors grass or volunteer in a community garden.

9. In the bathroom of a museum in the middle of the day.

10.  At a National Monument, State Park, or popular tourist location.

Let me know if you complete the list or have additions, I love hearing from my readers.  Happy Sexy Solstice!




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