Pissed Aunty

Dear Butch,

This past weekend I was spending a few hours with my nephew in the out skirts of the city.  We expolreded a park, counted steps leading up to a courthouse, and ate ice cream with our toes in the fountain.  During a portion of our adventure, we came wander into a historic residential neighborhood and talked about what we would keep in the giant houses we passed by.  For the record, I would have an indoor live “Chutes and Ladders” game and my nephew would keep a petting zoo.

We passed by a little girl selling lemonade, twenty-five cents for a small waxed cup full.  My nephew had found three quarters during our walk and treated me to a glass and bought one for himself.  We enjoyed our beverages under the shade a few feet away from the stand when you appeared from around the corner.  You were walking your massive dog and seemed to be in a zone.  Your steely blue eyes fixed on another world far away.  As you passed us my nephew, who loves all animals, offered to buy you a lemonade if you let him pet your dog.  An offer that was not only generous, but incredibly adorable.

Yes, I may be biased.

I was ready to have your melt heart right in front of me.  My nephew, without prompting, had become the best wing man in the world.  It was the perfect set up and I was slowly salivating in anticipation of your reaction.  But instead at the sweet offer you rolled your eyes and told me that I should “Stop teaching your bratty son to solicit strangers!” and then huffed away, dog in tow.

A little advice my darling butch, even when you aren’t in the mood to accept an offer from a child (or an adult), keep your response to a question simple and sweet.  Being rude, calling names, and being a general douchebag isn’t the way to wander through life.  Yes, some may say that my nephew should be taught to not approach strangers…including with strangers walking large dogs.  Yes, maybe I should of stopped him from approaching you.  But really, how much damage was really done?  You were on a public sidewalk in a residential neighborhood with a very fluffy dog that children and adults might like to pet.  Get the fuck over it, no one was hurt.  You could of just said “No thanks” or pretend you didn’t hear, there was no need for your ugly words.

Karma (and an aunty with an adorable nephew) is a bitch.




3 thoughts on “Pissed Aunty

  1. OMG! That’s so rude 😦 What has this world come to that people treat others like that? Especially a child! How adorable that he wanted to pet the dog and offered a cup of lemonade in exchange…. that is tooooo cute! He’s going to make a terrific husband/partner for someone someday 😉

    So sorry that happened.

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