Nude Knickers

Dear Butch,

The heat of summer and the tanning of skin brings the treasured return of the white short.  The crisp and light looks is not only trend but saves your ass from overheating.  They are versatile, dressed down or up they are good for almost any occasion.  A good white short can be worn while running errands or while attending a beach wedding.

But before you slip into a fabulous pair of white shorts, please heed my warning.  Nude/skin tone colored undergarments MUST BE WORN with white shorts.  You may think that your comfy cotton shorts are thick enough to wear rainbow striped hipsters underneath, but I am here to tell you they are not.  Yes, you, the one with the sexy ass I was oogling today until you walked from shade to sun and you colorful drawers were on full display.  My brain went from focused to distracted in about eight seconds.

Now you make ask, “Why can’t I wear white drawers under my white shorts?!?”  Excellent question.  White will work in a pinch, however a defined line will show, causing a distraction to the viewer.  Nude/skin tone panties offer a smooth visual for all involved, which is basically your view in the mirror and my view in the streets.

So please your ass staring lady and don’t let anything distract our eye candy.




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