Shout Out #1

Dear Butch,

Blogger Shout Out: Butch Wonders @

I have admired your blog from pre-DBLF days.  I would read your posts on sexual orientation, relationship advice, or gift guides with great delight.  But, the fashion advice in list format had me swooning with smitten-ness.  I would pour over them like a Catholic girl over the raunchy part of romance novels, drooling over the details you laid out for your beloved breed.  I would send your posts to friends, seeking advice or backing up my own when they were in doubt.  I have you to thank for inspiring my fashion theme months, your words stirred within me to unleash my inner critic and connoisseur of all things dapper.

But the icing on the cake of all of your wonderfulness has always been photos you post of real life butches.  Oh, you know how to keep a lady hooked!  From boxers, hair cuts, and tattoos.  Oh la la!  Not only did you provide eye candy, but more importantly you never failed to offer a visual example to your readers.  You didn’t just leave them to their own imaginations or musings.  Instead, you guided with images borrowed and submitted.

I am eagerly awaiting your return to your blog and wish you the best on your sabbatical.




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