Shout Out #5

Dear Butch,

Blogger Shout Out:  Bren @

I want to say that Bren’s blog is much like mine, but that would be an unfair statement on my part.  Bren’s blog kicks my blogs ass, with steel toed boots.  She also writes using the combo of butch-femme, instead of a singular non-interactive narrative.  We both cover a diversity of topic like politics, sex, and fashion.  But, if we were to put our works side to side, well it would be like racing a Yugo and a Mustang.  Bren posts with such intelligence, self-assurance, and experience.  She is clean and honest, there is no bullshit.  A hard find in the blogging world.  Bren’s political and social posts are what I love most, she provides narratives that knock out most journalists.

And bonus, check out the Beaver Whisper posts.  I was very pleased and completely satisfied with the advice my butch was given after submitting a question.





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