Shout Out #7

Dear Butch,

Blogger Shout Out: ButchOnTap @

ButchOnTap is a non-nonsense blogger.  I have no idea how this mother of two does it all, but she does and with a witty tongue.  She mixes posts about her life and kids with lists (I love lists) and provides advice to femmes on inner workings of a butch.  If I could marry any blogger I follow, it would be ButchOnTap.  I find myself blushing at her posts, giggling out loud, and wanting to peck her on the check when life gets tough.  ButchOnTop isn’t playing a role or hiding behind a persona (which I am fully aware I do at times), she is a real woman with heart and sass.  A butch who sweeps me off my feet with every word.

ButchOnTap you are getting all of my love tonight, even if you don’t like sushi.




One thought on “Shout Out #7

  1. Reblogged this on ButchOnTap and commented:
    Dear Butch, Love Femme: I am so honored by your comments. My goodness. Blush and Gulp. Thank you. Marry me? Wow, I should be so lucky! If you don’t follow this blogger, go do it now!


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