Planned Play

Dear Butch,

Having the luxury of spending a weekend day or a whole weekend in its entirety fucking is wonderful.  As the summer fades away in the haze of late August, I appreciated being able to spend countless hours in bed in the wonderful cycle of sex, nap, snack, repeat.

Please know that the following is not a complaint or unappreciative of my very fabulous situation, but more a constructive review.

I have a lot I need to do on my weekends.  I have errands to run, family and friends to visit, and projects to accomplish.  There are times that I have brought work home with me or I have class work to crank out.  My time is stretched and precious, which sucks completely.  I wish I could relax into an occasional weekend of adult debauchery.  (Yes, occasional because I ma not one of those ladies who will put the people in her life on the bak burner because she is in a coupledom.)  I wish I could melty away the hours with hot sex, not carrying to peel myself away from the sheets except to pee and grab a cold beer.  I am sadly, not one of those women.

So. let us compromise.  Because sex is important, but os is washing that ominous pile of laundry in the basement.  Let us look ahead and plan this weekends, place them in or calendars along with appointments and parties.  One may argue that this takes away from spontaneity, but you can still surprise with a new position or toy.  Plus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to let that anticipation build throughout the busy work week knowing that there is an entire 12-48 hours of sex-capades ahead of you!

Give and take…plus orgasms…and a little planning makes this lady really fucking happy.




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