Travel Test

Dear Butch,

You are about to embark on what I consider the first milestone, and test, or a relationship.  You and your lovely lady are off for a week long vacation.  Being out of your own home, comfort zone, and routine can make or break a young relationship.  Below are a few tips that you may find helpful before you take the plunge into co-traveling:

1.  Only plan half of the trip.  Make sure you make reservations or purchase tickets for the big things you want to do, so you don’t miss out.  Allow the other half to be spontaneous, allowing for downtime.  Personally I am a “do-er” and a “planner”, it is hard for me not to plan the whole trip.  But I have learned that trying to fill every hour ends is exhausting and feels like work.  For long road trips, consider only booking half of your hotels and see where the road takes you the other half.

2.  Embrace silence.  Whether you are traveling by car, plane, bicycle, train, or canoe be okay with moments or hours without talking.  Allow the music or scenery speak for you and your darling.  Don’t force conversation or feel the need to work out your life plans in one trip.  This also allows for napping, which should be a requirement for all vacations.

3.  Pack a few surprises.  A new sex toy, a small gift, or a brand new suit to wear to dinner.  It will be the cherry on the vacation sundae.  She won’t be expecting an extra treat while you are on vacation.  Or have a surprise occur on the trip, like a secluded dinner for two or a hot air ballon ride.

4.  Be prepared to compromise.  Not everyone travels in the same style.  You may fine with eating at standard chain restaurants while your sweetie prefers to visit all of the local eateries.  Work out a fair system and stick with it.  Leave any pouting or whining behind a closed bathroom door, remember this is her vacation as well.

5.  Don’t have sex pre-vacation.  I know, it sounds silly, but I swear by it.  if you think about it, there is a lot of stress leading up to a vacation.  Wrapping up work projects, cleaning your place, finding sitters for the house or pets, last minute shopping, etc.  My rule is, for as many days I am going to be gone with my sweetie is how many days I am going to deny them leading up to vacation.  It builds sexual tension and helps me get more accomplished.

Happy trails to you both!



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