Butch Battles

Dear Butch,

We were at brunch this past weekend.   I was surrounded by your breed, a lady amongst a sea of handsome butches.  It really was a dream come true, for the most part.

I understand that butch struggle even though I have never experienced it.  I sympathizes with your desire to both fit in and rebel against what society expects from you or you pre-destined stereotype.  I wish that I could make the world see you differently, see you as you.  I strive to full understand what it is like to be so hated, attacked, and harassed.  Having to live your (perceived) sexuality and (assumed) gender on your shelve.  I will never understand what it is like to be kicked out of a bathroom fro being the wrong sex, called the wrong pronoun by a stranger, or be sneered at by my family for how I choose to dress or groom.

Your stories broke my heart.  In a field of butches, lovely lovely butches, there was so much sorrow and anger.  Please do not forget, you are not alone.  Our shoes we march forward in may be different, but the path is the same.



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