Please Focus

Dear Butch,

Sometimes, the moment is lost.  With a joke.  In a sunset.  An epic head on a beer.

Or, in the middle of sex.

I appreciate a good set up for a kinky scene, an evening of punishment and orgasms.  The mood is set early on with costumes and props and is carried along to glorious fireworks and cuddles.  I know that much effort and care is put in by one partner, which should be/is very much appreciated.  I know I adore when my T-Rex sets up a lovely long evening of play, especially when I am completely in the dark about the intentions and details of the evening.

But, when there is too much breaking of character and excessive explanations, the mood floats away.  You go from hot lovely kink to awkward first time sex.  Yes, when one partner gets distracted or loses their confidence in the middle of the scene, it is as bad or worse then the time you lost your virginity.

So just a public service announcement to all of my gutter-minded/acting butches out there, once you start…don’t stop until your lady is melty with endorphins.




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