Step One

Dear Butch,

“Hello, my name is Femme and I fucked up.”

It happens, we all do it.  We all make mistakes, become forgetful, act in anger.  We all royally screw up.  The first step, like any self-help program, is to admit you have a problem.


So, why is it so hard to admit it?  Yes, it is easier to blame everyone and/or everything else.  Scapegoat your way out of the shit hole you got yourself in, and then what?  A bigger mess, trying to apologize to those you have wronged or living with the guilt.  Yes, the initial admittance of fault hurts.  But in the end, in my humble opinion, it is better to get it all out in one clean shot then in jagged glass like pieces.  Trying to weave around the truth is going to hurt you, hurt me, hurt them more in the end.  You will end up with broken trust and shattered hearts, covered in the bullshit you attempted to use.

I know the truth.  Be the bigger person.  Admit your error.




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