Dead Engine

Dear Butch,

In times of worry and pressure, sometimes you have to force yourself to have sex.

Right now, I am having to force myself to get into the mood.  There is nothing that my “T-Rex” (see previous posts) is doing wrong, we are just dealing with an unfair amount of stress right now with work.  The kind that leaves my vagina drier then a desert.  My mind is so far away from sex right now, instead it is preoccupied with mortgage payments and health insurance coverage.

Right now, the best thing we can do to get through this crap storm is to fuck.  It is free.  It is physical activity.  It will keep us connected as a couple.

It isn’t that I no longer find “T-Rex” attractive or that I am withholding sex out of spite.  I just can’t get it up without effort.  I can’t seem to turn off the anxiety in my brain, which pumps through my nerves providing a steady dull headache.  And my darling boifriend is on testestorone, so even through this difficult time he is ready to go at anytime in anyplace.  He has been patient and kind, and for that I am grateful.

So my goal for the rest of the month, and possibly your goal as well, is to have more sex.  I just have to stop thinking and relax.




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