Dr. Butch

Dear Butch,

I want to send a special thank you out tonight, to all my beloved butches who have played “Nurse” and/or “Doctor” with their lady.  And, surprisingly enough, not the kinky version.  But the real life kind of play that involves first aid supplies.

This week I so graciously damaged my big toe.  I was getting into my vehicle, just like I do several times a day, and I some how oh so gracefully caught my toe on the parking break.  After getting over the extreme nausea that immediately occurred, I checked out the damage and found that I was bleeding at a rapid rate from a gapping hole in the end of my toe and also from the 1/3 of my toenail that was no longer fully attached.  In a panic I called my “T-Rex” at work.  Before he could get out “Hello darling” I burst into tears, upset not only from the pain but realizing I couldn’t wear heels for at least a week.

Silly?  Maybe.  Irrational?  No fucking way.

I did a decent patch job and continued on with my day, pouting and wincing.  Later that evening, while at home with my man, I was treated to a full foot rub and a wonderful re-bandaging.  Each morning and evening since that fateful day, my wounds have been tenderly cared for by “T-Rex”.

A ginormous thank you is needed.  For having such a rough and tough exterior, I was once again reminded that underneath the boxer briefs (YUM) and the bow ties (DOUBLE YUM) your wonderful breed has the most gorgeous heart.

For all of the damaged toes, upset stomachs, jammed fingers, period pains, sore backs, shim splints, burned ears (damn straighteners/curlers), runny noses, and all of the other injuries and ailments…we are grateful for your fabulous care.




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