Smooth Move

Dear Butch,

I was all ready to dive into writing my post tonight, topic in mind and wine consumed when I started to playfully tease my “T-Rex” when he came in the bedroom to ask me a question.  Not sure why I started in on him, possibly out of procrastination or maybe out of love.  What can I say, I get easily distracted.  The topic of my bratty comments was regarding how I wanted him to kick up the kink a bit.   And that is when it happened, when the best sex move ever occurred.

I was propped up on my elbows, with my stomach on the bed.  He leaned over me and I felt his hand slowly run up my ankle and then calf, with slight pressure and a deep desire of want.  I immediately stopped talking, not sure where this was going to lead.  His hand continued to work over my thigh, ass, and lower back.  The motion was so slow that I, for a moment, expected him to stop at my shoulders and give me a massage.  But instead, this is where the magic happened, he slid his hand into my hair and slowly pulled my ear to his mouth.  He then softly growled words in my ear that will remain private.

He could have said anything at that point.  He had my full attention … physically, mentally, and sexually.  I was all his in one sweet and spicy move, a deliberate reminder of our dominate and submissive relationship.  The perfect start to a very kinky night to come.

I can’t recall what my original topic for the night was nor do I have the brain power right now to attempt to focus.  Lucky me.




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