Drama Train

Dear Butch,

Sometimes drama is a bit funny.  A rumor here, a piece of gossip there.  But darling, your drama train is out of control.

I am al for a moment of teenage blown out hormonal social interactions.  Mostly when my life feels so out of control that hearing about someone else’s bad fortunes somehow (sickly) makes me feel better.  However, in my own realization and a little drunken advice from a wonderful and blunt friend, I realized that my level of drama was quickly reaching the level obnoxious .  I love my friends more then anything, but when I heard that they were starting to withhold information from me in fear of my overreaction or loose lips I decided that things had to change.

Life is crazy enough.  Bills, dating (or not dating), politics, work, volunteer commitments, social media, family, vehicles, pets, the price of health insurance, friends, food, budgeting, working out…arg.  Life is so full.  And adding unnecessary drama to it is only going to feel like everything is going to tip over and break on the floor.

The best piece of advice I can give you is this, the level of drama in your life is in your hands.  You choice to participate in it or walk away from it.  Drama doesn’t follow anyone, it is welcomed in on varying levels of want.  Some secretly love drama and invite in.  Others are unsure how to live without it.  As a former of the second, I can tell you that my life feels so much happier and light now that I have decide to no longer produce drama or invite in others drama.

I do acknowledge and sympathize that life can get shitty.  People get sick and die, jobs are lost, and friends talk behind your back.  Again. yo are in control.  You are in charge and responsible for your reaction.  Taking a bad situation and adding drama to it is only going to make it feel like a dead bloated whale that you have to haul around.  Gross image, strong point.

So give it a whirl.  Breathe in self-control and breathe out the bullshit.




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