Vintage Intimacy

Dear Butch,

There are times in a coupledom (or fuck buddy relationship) that sex is just not an option for a period of time.  One or serval factors may be in play: medical issues, distance, a variety of stressors, big life changing events, or just a temporary lack of libido.  This can be tough for a very sexually active couple.  Many twosomes (or three, four, or many-somes) feel more connected after a good romp.  But, without this physical connection it is easy to feel out of touch with your partner.

If you are in this boat, now is the time to learn how to become intimate without fucking.  Back to the basic connection is need.  Think 1950’s courtship.

Leave notes in your others lunchbox or wallet.  Do their laundry and put it away.  Hold hands while running errands.  Go on dates, either together or virtually.  Take a walk.  Attend a concert or local tour.  Fill their vehicle with gas and put their favorite gas station treat in the front seat.  Offer a back rub.  Cook and serve breakfast in bed.  Play footsie in public.  Create a new romantic playlist.  Snuggle while reading.  Hold the door open.

Touch, share, and connect in whatever way works for you.  Remember that the lack of sex is only temporary.  And, when it is time to fuck it will feel so fantastic.




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